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The Vintage Band

THE VINTAGE BAND is based in South Florida, and is incredibly versatile in their musical styles and influences.

Joe Friday Band

JFB is a baby boomers dream group! Playing Psychedelic & Classic Rock, R&B, Soul, & Pop from the most influential Artists of a lifetime, as well as today’s Artists who are influenced by them. The JOE FRIDAY BAND is not background music, it’s an experience!



VIVA is a five piece allstar band perfect for any event or venue. We are a dance driven cover band with strong roots in Classic Rock, Motown, and Rhythm and Blues. VIVA replicates the look, sound and feel of the original groups from all the different decades. With vintage guitars, bass and drums and authentic…

On The Roxx

Let “On the Roxx” rock your party! Chill-out, Rock, Pop, Oldies, Motown, Disco, 80’s, Dance … whatever your event needs to make it awesome! With 4, 5 and 6 piece options, On the Roxx is perfect for any event at any budget! We can also provide a duo for smaller events. The band features Diane…

Marilou Martin

At a very young age, MARILOU MARTIN had a passion and a dream: Share her emotions through her singing! At the age of 4, she went on stage for the first time in her hometown of Mont-Laurier Quebec, accompanied on the guitar by her brother Billy. Her passion has brought her all the way to…


Originally from Montreal, Canada, GLOW has been performing since August 2014 all over the country in corporate events and festivals. GLOW is “THE” musical revue of the decade! Based on a unique concept, GLOW is the only known tribute to GLEE music style. Five outstanding female singers share a repertoire by adding vocal harmonies that…


The musical group SMASH is composed of 7 high caliber musicians that include 5 accomplished singers. This musical formation has reinvented a top 40 show combining your favorite songs in “MASHUP” form. That means in one creative swoop you will hear hits ranging from pop, disco and rock creatively woven together in one spectacular musical…

The Montreal Disco Band

Take a trip back to memory lane and relive the magic of Disco Music. The Montreal Disco Sound will take you there, with the best of the Disco era. 2 female singers and 2 male singers, are accompanied by 2 dancers and 4 musicians and they will make you dance like you haven’t in a…


Mixtura Band started out as a local band in Miami, Florida over 25 years ago. Founded by Antonio Succar Sr. and Mimy Succar, the Mixtura Band originally focused on performing Latin music for the Peruvian-American community, and achieved enormous success. Songlist Download Full Bio Print High Res Picture 1 Print High Res Picture 2 Print High…


WONDERAMA Band is a high energy, current, TOP 40 band from South Florida. Originating from West Palm Beach and formed in 2011, they have grown to be one of the most popular bands in the region.

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