Marilou Martin

Project 17 of 86

At a very young age, MARILOU MARTIN had a passion and a dream: Share her emotions through her singing! At the age of 4, she went on stage for the first time in her hometown of Mont-Laurier Quebec, accompanied on the guitar by her brother Billy. Her passion has brought her all the way to 2011 where she was part of one of the most famous cover band in Canada, in which she perfected her art of singing and dancing. For more than 3 years, she performed with the band all over the world including the United States, Dubai, Hong Kong, Asia, Mexico and Canada. In 2014 she joins the band GLOW in which she still performs. Today, she realised her biggest dream yet, her own show in which she sings hits from the best voices of all time, from Aretha to Christina: MARILOU MARTIN, Live “Singing Legends”
If you have a special event, this is the special show for you!

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