Vanessa Hollingshead

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“Vanessa, I really enjoyed your set very much. You are extremely funny, great strong point of view and really fresh material. You are really, really good. Keep working hard and I wish you much success. You’ve got what it takes.” – Jerry Seinfeld, Comic

“She always reminded me of Lucille Ball.” – Marc Maron, WTF Podcast

“As I told you last night, I thought you were terrific. Your energy and connection to the audience was outstanding.” – Saul Katz, President/Co-Owner NY Mets

“You might be on stage alone with the mic, but it really is about connection with the audience. My favorite part of performing, is not doing my material, it’s crowd work. It’s like jazz, and you feel completely present moment and connected with your audience, there is no sense of being alone with a mic. and there’s no feeling quite like it.” – Vanessa

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December 3, 2020