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Joe Friday Band

Project 5 of 90

The JOE FRIDAY BAND (JFB) has been performing for corporate events, festivals, casinos and nightclubs for the past 15+ years. The repertoire has been carefully chosen to appeal to a wide range of audiences that want something different than the average variety band.

A seven piece band lead by 2 powerhouse female vocalists, The JOE FRIDAY BAND takes people on a musical journey that is a true standout. Epic 5 part harmonies, dueling guitars, horns, keys, percussion and so much more capture the true spirit of these larger-than-life songs!

JFB is a baby boomers dream group! Playing Psychedelic & Classic Rock, R&B, Soul, & Pop from the most influential Artists of a lifetime, as well as today’s Artists who are influenced by them.

The JOE FRIDAY BAND is not background music, it’s an experience!
*caution – Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound

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June 26, 2019