Rick Howard & The Speedbumps

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Rick Howard is a multi-faceted Guitarist/Vocalist whose many years in the music business has seen him doing studio work in NY in the 70’s and 80’s…..and playing diverse styles of music including Blues, Rock, Jazz and Country. He’s shared the stage and the studio with many great artists including Betty Wright, Chuck Berry, Freddy Fender, Howard Kaylan and The Drifters just to name a few.
​Mike Ash….”Ash” as I now call him, born in Moscow, is a Michigan based musician, plays many instruments, sings…and is well versed and experienced in the Rockabilly genre, authentically playing the slap style “Dog House” Bass. He toured Europe, playing with bands from trios to large swing orchestras. Ash is an energetic showman, twirling and standing on the Bass like the cats used to do it in the Rock and Roll days! He’s the “real deal”!

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